Why does your organisation need Disability Equality Training?

We know that organisations often let disabled people down, when it comes to meeting their needs and fulfilling their rights under the law. Organisations can put up barriers that exclude disabled people, often without realising it – but attitudes can change and barriers can be dismantled. Disability Equality Training (DET) aims to show your organisation how you can be more inclusive of disabled customers and members. DET is about more than ‘disability awareness’ – it’s about equality, access and radical inclusion for all. And DET is based on the principle that disability training should always be delivered by disabled people ourselves. Or, as we say in the disabled people’s movement, Nothing about us without us.

I can work with your organisation to create the bespoke training that meets your needs. Training can be delivered online or in person. Contact me here to find out more.

Why do churches need Disability Equality Training?

My research showed that churches exclude disabled people far too often. This is usually unintentional. Churches are well-meaning and want to be inclusive, but unexamined biases, stereotypes and ideas about disability can shut disabled people out. And many of these ideas about disability are deeply rooted in Christian thought. 

Drawing on ten years of research on disability and churches, my flexible Disability Equality Training course for churches helps leaders and congregants understand how they can work towards radical inclusion and justice for all. I can work with your church to create the training you need, delivered online or in person at your church. 

I can also be booked as a speaker on disability inclusion in churches and society.

I have a sliding fee scale and some pro bono sessions available every year, so get in touch to talk about your church’s training or speaking needs.

Training Rates

For-profit sector: £500 per day

Not-for-profit sector: £300 per day

Churches: pay-what-you-can sliding scale (£50 to £200 per day)

Disabled people’s user-led organisations*/activist groups: Expenses only

I have a number of pro bono slots each year for churches. Please contact me for more information.

My Training Experience

I have a qualification in delivering DET from Essex Coalition of Disabled People, an MA in disability studies, a PGCE in Post-Compulsory Education, and many years’ experience teaching and training in further and higher education. My Disability Equality Training also draws on ten years of inclusive research with disabled people. Past clients have included universities, charities, churches and care providers.

*Disabled people’s user-led organisations (DPULO) are led and controlled by disabled people (with a minimum of 75% disabled people on their board), actively demonstrate their commitment to disabled people by employing disabled staff and volunteers, and actively demonstrate their commitment to the Social Model of Disability(Office of Disability Issues, 2011).