Access Advice

A pink sign on a green lawn reads 'Step-free access' with an arrow pointing to the right
A sign on a lawn reads ‘Step-free route.’
Photo CC Yomex Owo.

While I’m in training to be an access auditor, I’m able to give free access advice to churches and not-for-profit organisations. I can offer:

  • Auditing: a ‘mini audit’ of your building will show you how to make the most of your access and where it could be improved
  • Advice about making access easier for your customers/community
  • Training on how to make equal access a reality in your organisation.

Limited availability for free advice in 2022-3. Contact me to see if I can help.

Disability Equality Training

One person using a walking stick and another
using a wheelchair walk side-by-side.
Photo CC Annie Sprat

Every organisation and service provider needs Disability Equality Training. My training can show you how barriers may be keeping your disabled customers and community from accessing your services. And I’ll show how you can give disabled people a better experience of your organisation.

DET is about more than ‘disability awareness’ – it’s about equality, access and justice for all, and it is delivered by disabled people ourselves. Or, as we say in the disabled people’s movement, Nothing about us without us.

I can offer:

  • Disability Equality Training
  • Neurodiversity Training
  • Customer Service Training: Improving Disabled Customers’ Experience
  • Disability Training with Access Advice
  • Online and on-site training courses

Get in touch for a free discussion. Together we’ll design a training course that meets your needs.

Disability Training for Churches

Naomi speaking at an A2ndVoice event on autism and churches

Naomi’s research showed that churches exclude disabled people far too often. Churches often want to be inclusive, but unexamined biases, stereotypes and theologies can close the gates to disabled people.

On a bespoke Fling Wide the Gates training course, church leaders and congregants will learn:

  • How to identify barriers in your church building and culture
  • How to create an accessible church culture
  • How to show your commitment to becoming a community of justice for disabled people, where everyone can worship, just as they are.

Day or half day courses. Contact Naomi here for a free initial discussion.

Speaking and Events

I’m a regular speaker at events and conferences on disability, church and society, from webinars to panel discussions. Book me for your event here.

Past speaking engagements have included:

Disability and Church: Intersectionality. Church Times webinar, 2022.

Disability and Power in the Church of England. Michael Ramsey Centre for Anglican Studies, 2021.

Disability and Sexuality: Queer Encounters with Diverse Bodies and Minds. Talk for Open Table London, 2021.

Shut In, Shut Out, Shut Up: Ableism, Faith and Church. HeartEdge, 2021.

Training Rates

I charge for training on a sliding scale, with lower rates for churches and not-for-profit groups, and an expenses-only rate for disabled people’s user-led/activist groups.

Economic justice is important, in a world where disabled people are rarely paid for our expertise. I speak at disabled-led events/groups for free, and I have a number of pro bono slots each year for churches. Please contact me for more information.

My Training Experience

I’m an experienced, certified trainer, with a qualification in delivering DET from Essex Coalition of Disabled People, a PGCE in Post-Compulsory Education and an MA in Disability Studies. My PhD research with disabled Christians also informs my training. Past clients have included universities, not-for-profit organisations and churches.