Introduction to Disability Studies

My research and training are based in Disability Studies, which began in the disabled people’s movement. If you’re new to the subject, here are a few introductory links.

The social model of disability:
‘The Individual and Social Models of Disability’ – Mike Oliver
‘The Social Model of Disability Repossessed’ – Vic Finkelstein

Disability, identity and society:
‘Including All Of Our Lives’ – Liz Crow
‘Including All Children’ – Jenny Morris
‘Fair Treatment for Adults with Learning Difficulties’ – Lerpiniere & Stalker
‘Out On The Edge’ – Tom Shakespeare
‘Race and Disability: Just a Double Oppression?’ – O.W. Stuart

Emancipatory/activist disability research:
‘An Ethical Agenda in Disability Research: Rhetoric or Reality?’ – Colin Barnes
‘Talking About Sex and Relationships: The Views of Young People with Learning Disabilities’ – CHANGE, Leeds