Introduction to Disability Studies

Much of Naomi’s research focuses on Disability Studies. Below are a few links which should be enlightening to anyone new into the subject and should shed some light on the context and goals of her research and training.

The social model of disability:
‘The Individual and Social Models of Disability’ – Mike Oliver
‘The Social Model of Disability Repossessed’ – Vic Finkelstein

Disability, identity and society:
‘Including All Children’ – Jenny Morris
‘Fair Treatment for Adults with Learning Difficulties’ – Lerpiniere & Stalker
‘Out On The Edge’ – Tom Shakespeare
‘Race and Disability: Just a Double Oppression?’ – O.W. Stuart
‘Including All Of Our Lives’ – Liz Crow

Emancipatory disability research:
‘An Ethical Agenda in Disability Research: Rhetoric or Reality?’ – Colin Barnes
‘Talking About Sex and Relationships: The Views of Young People with Learning Disabilities’ – CHANGE, Leeds